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54Gene is a healthcare startup in Nigeria that is providing a genetics testing platform and helps equalizing precision medicine in Africa. The biotech firm was founded in 2019 and restructured in 2023. ​


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Oliver Fratzscher

Oliver Fratzscher, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer

Oliver Fratzscher Oliver Fratzscher has founded EM Leaders LLC in 2012 and serves as chief executive officer. He combines investment acumen and policy research with economic analysis and strong local networks, with deep roots in capital markets and emerging market investments. Oliver served as Executive Vice President for the largest Canadian pension fund CDPQ, developed investment strategies for emerging markets and also contributed on the Sovereign Wealth Funds Advisory Board. He previously held senior positions at Deutsche Bank, ABN AMRO, the IMF and the World Bank (IFC) where he established a local currency investment fund (Gemloc) across emerging markets. Oliver has been widely quoted in the financial press and invited to speak at various central banks, finance ministries and leading academic institutions. He also serves on boards and has joined the research advisory board of BCA research, and he holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University.

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A team of outstanding capital market experts has been established across emerging markets, including former policy makers, governors, regulators, professors, executives, and investment consultants. They distinguish themselves by their integrity, professionalism, and in-depth knowledge of the local investment industry and local capital markets. EM Leaders has established unique local networks in the 20 largest emerging markets.

EM Leaders has identified leading local managers across emerging markets. Below, the historic performance of select local managers in China, India, Brazil and South Africa is illustrated both against the leading US-based global managers in these markets and against the respective local benchmark, showing total US$ returns over a six-year period. Local indices were mostly flat over this period (red). Global US-based mutual funds and global ETFs with top performance in these markets have added limited alpha (green). EM Leaders local managers have consistently outperformed (blue).