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Sungrow Power is the leading global maker of photovoltaic inverters and energy storage systems at utility scale. It was founded in 1997 in China, built the largest R&D effort in the industry, and has plants also in India, Thailand, and Vietnam.


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EM Leaders has developed a unique investment process with a “local-to-global” sequence. We start with local on-the-ground research in 20 of the largest emerging markets; in-depth, market-specific knowledge; relationships with companies and investors who are on the cutting edge of innovation; and a deep understanding of the flows in each of these local markets.

This combination yields our local sandbox consisting of about 1,000 small and mid-cap companies, most of which are not part of MSCI indices. We emphasize growth and sustainability factors to narrow this box to about 300 leading local companies, which are mostly servicing their respective domestic markets.

Our global stock selection methodology then conducts fundamental research and applies risk and liquidity screens to identify the most compelling firms in each of the global sectors, condensing into a policy portfolio of about 100 firms. Finally, our macro and risk models help us to identify a conviction portfolio of 40 to 60 stocks with a three-year investment horizon, long-only investments versus a benchmark, as approved by our investment committee and being regularly reviewed by our team.