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Innovative investors in emerging markets with extensive experience

Leading in high-alpha segments focusing on growth and sustainability

Collaborating with local networks enabling global systematic strategy

EM Leaders LLC

Our Philosophy

  • Information asymmetries in our markets are substantial
  • Our research is exclusively based on publicly available data
  • We partner with 50 buy-side country and regional teams
  • Our local sandbox is unique: 1,000 smid-cap growth stocks
  • We emphasize sustainability in our integrated framework

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Our Process

  • Investment process is our proprietary “local-to-global” sequence
  • We generate ideas and include local factors in 20 emerging markets
  • Our process is rigorous and replicable yet differentiated by sector
  • We integrate quality and sustainability into local investment process
  • Our conviction portfolio realizes below benchmark beta and risk

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Our Portfolio

  • Bottom-up stock selection is regularly generating most of our alpha
  • We mix arts & sciences, quality & growth, fundamentals & technicals
  • We like high active share, innovation, low leverage, and low turnover
  • Our global model is adding alpha from factors and top-down choices

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Our Research

  • Our information ratio has consistently exceeded one for three years
  • 20 emerging markets = majority of world’s people & growth & trade
  • 20 EM smid-cap markets = majority of EM output & employment
  • Our EM equity niche has vast growth potential to catch comparators
  • Largest AI growth impact expected across Asian EM = double of US
  • EM equities & EM currencies are undervalued, high return prospects

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Our Team

  • We are a team of passionate EM investors with innovative solutions
  • Research ideas are generated locally, holdings are aligned globally
  • Our shared purpose is to contribute to innovation and sustainability
  • Performance is a genuine team effort including diverse perspectives
  • We build a high-profile investment committee with broad expertise

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  • We are an independent, registered investment advisor dedicated to EM
  • We take a long-term institutional perspective in EM high-alpha segments
  • We combine best local research ideas with best global investment talent
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  • Think Globally, Invest Locally:

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